CO2 based materials

Reduce & Reuse CO2

The manufacturing industry produces more than ever: concrete for i.a. building houses, plastic for all kinds of applications and paper is still widely used in a digital world. Despite new measures, these industries still have a lot of CO2 emissions with global warming as result.

Concrete, plastic, paper: three application examples of Green Minerals in which CO2 is captured and stored in materials by means of mineralization. CO2 is approached as raw material which reacts with olivine: a rock-forming mineral that binds CO2

A factory that captures its own CO2 and uses this to manufacture its own products. A circular manufacturing process with CO2 based materials as a result.



The Green Minerals process

Research was conducted with KU Leuven and Brightlands Innovation Factory facilitates to start-up.




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The first ‘CO2 Cleanup Paper’

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