CO2 cleanup with olivine has started

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What has Amazon, Elton John, Microsoft, Norway and Nestlé in common?

With the use of renewable energy the climate targets are far from being achieved. The active removal of CO2 from the atmosphere can offer a solution. The magic word is olivine. A negative CO2 footprint even comes within reach.

Read this article (in Dutch) in ‘Het Milieumagazine’ of VVM – Network of Environment Professionals, about the story and secrets behind olivine and how CO2 certificates can be used to fight climatechange.

First results of the CO2MIN project: “Building Materials made with CO2”

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During the three-year research project CO2MIN, HeidelbergCement and RWTH Aachen University will explore the reaction of CO2 by the minerals olivine and basalt. HeidelbergCement and RWTH are supported by the Potsdam Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and the Dutch start-up Green Minerals. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the project, which began on 1 June 2017.

An open acces report is published with the first results.

In short: “mineral carbonation is a promising process in which carbon oxide reacts with materials with high metal oxide composition to form chemically stable and insoluble metal carbonate.

The formed carbonate has long-term stability and does not influence the earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, it is a feasible and safe method to bind carbon dioxide in carbonate compounds such as magnesite.”

Download here the PDF-report

Green Minerals attends the year congress of KIVI, on the 19th of November in Enschede

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Circular Economy

Green Minerals will attend the year congress of KIVI, on the 19th of November 2018. Location: Saxion Hogeschool, Enschede, The Netherlands. Click here to read more about the event (in Dutch). The theme of the congress is Circular Economy. Technologies which can be of great value to achieve the circularity, will be in the spotlights.


The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) was founded on 31 August 1847 by three engineers under protection of His Royal Highness Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk, Prince of Orange.

Nowadays, with over 20,000 members, KIVI is the professional association of engineers in the Netherlands.

The Innovation Square

The year congress of KIVI is known by the inspiring presentations, sessions and workshops. Besides that, there will be an innovation square with the latest inventions & technologies related to circular economy.  From nano materials that can contribute to product circularity till circularity in the agriculture. Green Minerals will show its innovation on the innovation square and besides that, Pol Knops shall give a presentation about the process and the possibilities of ‘CO2 based materials’, based on mineralization.

Green Minerals & Regeneration Design on the Climate Innovation Experience

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Klaske Postma of Regeneration Design gave on the Climate Innovation Experience in Utrecht an explanation about Green Minerals. Klaske assists Green Minerals in visibility, making the scientific process of Green Minerals understandable for a broad audience.

Thank you Start the Future for making this video and thank you EIT Climate-KIC for having us.

Climate Innovation Experience on the 25th of October in Utrecht

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Transforming Innovation into Climate Action

Green Minerals will attend the Climate Innovation Experience, organized by EIT Climate-KIC Benelux on 25 October 2018. Location: Climate Planet, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Passionate Innovative Front Runners

In the unique venue at Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht, you will be inspired by passionate innovators, entrepreneurs and climate leaders of the future. We challenge you to share your ideas, thoughts and knowledge. The opportunity to contribute to making our planet climate proof.

A wide range of innovators, start-ups, scientists, corporates will show their innovations in the Exhibition Area (5.00-7.00 PM). Green Minerals will be presented here.

For more information go to: and download the brochure. Hope to see you there!

We won the Jan Terlouw Innovation Ambition Award!!

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Green Minerals is very proud to win this award. During the Kiemt autumn convention Jan Terlouw himself reached out the prize and said that it is a fantastic scalable project.

During the convention, there was more attention for olivine and the possibilities of the mineral. Dr. Ir. Jos P.M. Vink of Deltares is senior specialist soil and water quality. His field of expertise is environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology. He gave a workshop about ‘Nature can do it on his own: sustainable CO2 capture in infrastructure projects with olivine’. Conclusion: we just have to help nature.

Thank you Kiemt and Novio Tech Campus for an inspiring day. Time Shift energy storage won the (big) Innovation Award. Congratulations!

Innovation Origins published an article about the award and Green Minerals, thanks to Brightland Innovation Factory:

We are nominated for the Jan Terlouw Ambition Prize

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Terlouw a physicist by occupation, worked in his early life as researcher for three different institutes. Terlouw was elected as a Member of the House of Representatives after the Dutch general election of 1971. Nowadays Terlouw is retired. With his speeches he pleads for a more humanity and trustful society with respect for our planet and nature.

For Green Minerals it is an honour to be nominated for The Ambition Prize for ‘green’ startups in an early development stage. Besides the ambition prize there is an innovation prize to win for scale-ups with breaktrough innovation in the field of sustainability. The prize is an initiative of the Kiemt Foundation.

On October 1st, during the Kiemt Autumn Congress “CO2 out of the air” in Nijmegen, there will be announced who will win the Innovation Prize and the Ambition Prize. Other nominees for the Ambition Prize are: Groene Wijkstroom and Wattsun. The nominees for The Innovation Prize: BLUE-tec, CarbonOrO and Time Shift Energy Storage.

You can also be there: participation of the congress and the workshops is free of charge. We hope to see you on October 1st!

ECP Summer Summit 2018

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Come and join us on 25 September 2018 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

ECP Summer Summit is Europe´s leading Chemistry industry Partnering event with Innovation, Cooperation, Investment and Customers. Get a great deal of high-caliber business contacts in One Day.

Green Minerals is confirmed to give a pitch of 6 minutes about the business potential of the ‘Mineral CO2 additive’. Look here for the agenda of the event; the pitches will start at 11.00 AM.

We hope to see you in Dusseldorf!