We won the Jan Terlouw Innovation Ambition Award!!

Green Minerals is very proud to win this award. During the Kiemt autumn convention Jan Terlouw himself reached out the prize and said that it is a fantastic scalable project.

During the convention, there was more attention for olivine and the possibilities of the mineral. Dr. Ir. Jos P.M. Vink of Deltares is senior specialist soil and water quality. His field of expertise is environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology. He gave a workshop about ‘Nature can do it on his own: sustainable CO2 capture in infrastructure projects with olivine’. Conclusion: we just have to help nature.

Thank you Kiemt and Novio Tech Campus for an inspiring day. Time Shift energy storage won the (big) Innovation Award. Congratulations!

Innovation Origins published an article about the award and Green Minerals, thanks to Brightland Innovation Factory: