We are nominated for the Jan Terlouw Ambition Prize

Terlouw a physicist by occupation, worked in his early life as researcher for three different institutes. Terlouw was elected as a Member of the House of Representatives after the Dutch general election of 1971. Nowadays Terlouw is retired. With his speeches he pleads for a more humanity and trustful society with respect for our planet and nature.

For Green Minerals it is an honour to be nominated for The Ambition Prize for ‘green’ startups in an early development stage. Besides the ambition prize there is an innovation prize to win for scale-ups with breaktrough innovation in the field of sustainability. The prize is an initiative of the Kiemt Foundation.

On October 1st, during the Kiemt Autumn Congress “CO2 out of the air” in Nijmegen, there will be announced who will win the Innovation Prize and the Ambition Prize. Other nominees for the Ambition Prize are: Groene Wijkstroom and Wattsun. The nominees for The Innovation Prize: BLUE-tec, CarbonOrO and Time Shift Energy Storage.

You can also be there: participation of the congress and the workshops is free of charge. We hope to see you on October 1st!