More attention for CCS/CCU by mineralization

What to do with the large amount of CO2? CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) is well known, but CCU (Carbon Capture & Utilization) is quite new. Green Minerals is pleased to read two Dutch news-articles today.

Greenpeace report

A report from Greenpeace about (geological) CCS, but mineralization mentioned. For the press release of Greenpeace look here where you can download the report.

A translated passage: “Storage by means of minerals is most likely the method that can best guarantee that CO2 will not escape. By reacting CO2 with minerals, it is stored in a stable and solid form. This carbonation process also takes place in nature, but it is relatively slow. Faster, artificial carbonation is also possible, but this requires a large amount of minerals and a lot of energy – so much, that according to a study the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) of a power plant would increase by 90 to 370%.”

Article New Scientist – Edition June 2018

A second article is from a Dutch edition of New Scientist about CO2 usage. It starts with CCS options, but quite early in the article, the writer explains different CCU options like fuel, hydrogen and also materials. For CCU, the writer predicts a big market-potential, as twice as big as the current smartphone-market. You can download the article here