CO2 reduction in infrastructure

The report: “Op weg naar een klimaatneutrale infrasector in Nederland” (Towards a climate-neutral infrastructure sector in the Netherlands) is mentioning the process of Green Minerals as serious solution for CO2 reduction of concrete. Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen (SKAO) and TU Delft are researching with support of MVI-Energie, which innovations and measures in the chain are the most promising opportunities.

“Within the infrastructure sector, the use of energy and materials and thus the total of CO2 emissions is an important sustainability indicator. Thereby, the sector has an important contribution to the sustainability of other sectors such as mobility and energy supply. SKAO and TU Delft have been working together with parties from the Green Deal Sustainable GWW (GD DGWW 2.0) since 2017, to gain more insight into the transition to a climate-neutral infrastructure.”

The report deepens into four big material-flows: benzine, asphalt, concrete and steel. Olivine and mineralization is mentioned as new technology for concrete, on page 27, 28 and Appendix A-7.

“Alternatives for aggregates that can extract CO2 from the air are also present (not included in scenario analysis). Examples are Olivine and mineral CO2. These materials can thus ensure double profit.” 

You can download the report here